Monday, June 06, 2005  

Boycott Coles Myer Businesses

Coles Supermarkets Shopfast

Bi-Lo Megamart

Target Kmart

Office Works Harris Technology
Liquorland Vintage Cellars Theo's Liquor (NSW)


Where are you going to shop now by boycotting those stores? I agree with "James", whose going to care if a bunch of people dont shop at Coles Myer chain stores !?!
Well, "Anonymous", you don't seem to realise the numbers in our ranks; lack of money BITES... Any local ColesMyer Management will be watching its bottom line and careers will falter as a result of sufficient people exercising their right NOT to shop at this planned store. At the moment it is an aberration of upper management judgement.
Well, the Myer stores are going broke and may be sold off, so that's a start...

Aldi has eaten into Coles market share and has forced Coles to lower their prices...

K-Mart is a dog...

The shareholder discount card has been cancelled....

It's only the Target stores that are performing well...

If locals don't shop at a local store.....

My point is that you can make a difference. When that difference is multiplied by a large number of people, then companies begin to take notice.

As I've said in the past, there's nothing wrong with the development but with the location.

Put it in the main street of my suburb and I'd be very happy. Put it in my quiet suburban street and I'd be very unhappy. It's as simple as that.

If you want to shop there, that's fine. But you'll need to get a few friends to shop there also to make up for those that are against the development and hence will shop elsewhere.
Perhaps Oatley residents can teach Coles a lesson like the Laleny residents of Queensland did when a Woolworhts was opened up against their will.
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