Monday, June 20, 2005  


There are a number of other things you could do to help:

1. WRITE: Keep the letters and emails flowing to both Coles and media outlets. Write to the Leader, to The Sydney Morning Herald or The Daily Telegraph. We need to attract as much attention to the issue as possible.

2. CALL: Phone in to talk back radio to raise the issue. Look for any kind of lead in – a discussion about supermarkets, a story about overdevelopment, chat about big corporations squeezing out the little guys, etc.

3. NETWORK: Do you know anyone in a senior position in Coles? Do you know someone with expertise who might be able to advise on the issue?
4. BOYCOTT: Boycott Coles supermarkets and other Coles businesses (Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars).

5. SUPPORT: Continue to shop at local businesses and encourage others to do so.

6. DONATE: Support the campaign against Coles with a donation of time or money. There are plenty of ways to help out, so just call one of the group.

7. BE VISIBLE: Keep the campaign visible with banners/signs on your house or letterbox, a sign in your car window, fairy lights on your house, a T-shirt with message.

I think you may have missed the point of our angst James. We are protesting at the imposition, by an outsider, of a supermarket that is not needed into an unequivocably inappropriate place in the street layout of Oatley!
Could you please provide a definition as to who or what constitutes "an outsider" to Oatley?
Well, "Anonymous", an "outsider" maybe anyone who does not live in the community of Oatley and its near environs or who doesn't have deep personal ties with it??

Another aspect of the definition probably has to do with that person not having the welfare of the people in that community at heart.
the point is not whether we want an australian(Coles) or foreign supermarket. the point is we dont want a supermarket there at all. IGA at oatley and franklins at mortdale provide most of my supermarket needs.I prefer to use these as I beleive both Woolworths and Coles are similar in their drive for profits over community sentiment and also their exploitive manner towards the farmers they use as suppliers.
If I do-rarely-want/need something from a much larger supermarket - I can travel to Woolworths at Riverwood or COles at HUrstville or Roselands.I have a clear conscience going to those places as i am not spoiling a quiet residential area by doing so.Those large supermarkets are in existing large commercial areas on major roads, with significant through traffic and, as such, are appropriate for that type of development.
Why don't you inform the ColesMyer Shareholders of this despicable act being perpetrated on an innocent community? Fancy a Company forcing itself on a comunity and its environment!

The AGM for Coles is in mid November - just a few weeks away?

Shareholders could meet inside and others less (sic) fortunate could assemble outside. The media would be there to help focus the issues and generate National interest and reaction.

Although it is to be held in Melbourne, there'd be many who could fly or bus down from Oatley. We could have a very enjoyable and productive outing!!

People could co-ordinate & make arrangements through this Website.

I'll come too.
James Ross, what on earth has Coles given to the community of late, apart from rip-off prices compared to Aldi?
I know you wont publish this because you adjust the truth to suit your own needs.

Why dont you ring up Hurstville CC and ask them if they are appealing it? I'll tell you...they aren't!
Well, since the Developer has started demolition, isn't it OBVIOUS that TRAFFIC is THE PROBLEM ??
ORAO has been saying this for yonks...when will all the POWERS recognise it?
Even Mulga Road as a walkway is beginning to be a disaster - with accidents just waiting to happen. Will it be my child, my mother-in-law, my ... or will it be yours?
Our TREE has gone !!

The Oatley western skyline has changed for ever with the downing of our symbol yesterday morning at 11:33 am. The Developer has done his deed; will anything redeem him?
I'm aghast!! Our lovely tree has been replaced by a mechanical MONSTER. This oversized crane is hovering over residences, shops and public spaces.
It is as though a defiant Sword of Damocles has been purposedly imposed on us in a defiant gesture by the Developer.

Let's pray that the new Court, next week, will see JUSTICE DONE.

I hope Council /Counsel argues well...
Well, the date for the Supreme Court is 15th August next!!

Our Developer, Ren, is about to pump concrete into the first underground "roof" of one Car Park. Does he know something we don't?

Now that the dust, noise and traffic turmoil of the excavation phase is about to be superceded by fleets of ready-mixed concrete trucks lumbering around the streets. Will Waratah Street be the Entrance or the Exit Route?

His massive, over-sized crane will supervise ALL and provide that unwanted "presence" to our once quiet village. Another sad few months await us...

Why is Council facilitating his every desire?
heyy all you bloggers out there, im a student at penshurst girls high and live in oatley/ mortdale area. i think by having coles there it wont be such a close knit community anymore or a quiet little place because the "outsiders" will want to use coles in oatley beacsue it is the only coles close to the area.i do think that even though people are saying now that they will not want to shop there they will turn around and shop there, especially when they just need a few little things. i think what a better suggestion is that your swap coles and iga around. if coles was to go where iga is at the moment it would get more customers because of it being in the main streets, whereas if iga was to be put where coles wants to go now it wont be such a huge thing considering iga is only small. i think i am babaling on now but that is just my point of view.....thanks for reading...
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