Monday, June 06, 2005  

Why is this development wrong

The residents of Oatley are fighting the proposal to build a regional Coles supermarket in a quiet neighbourhood shopping area.

Summary of proposal
11 x 2 bedroom houses over two levels to be located above retail level.

5 office spaces with a combined floor area 361 sq metres

Café located on the mezzanine level area 134 sq metres

Supermarket operated by Coles area 2182 sqmetres

The site currently comprises four single dwelling houses, with a frontage of aprox. 70 metres, a depth of 40 metres giving an area of 2084 square metres. The site is within a small retail/commercial with residential uses located above. To the North and South are residential properties generally consisting of single dwelling houses.

Environmental concerns

Excavation of two and half storeys will be required to provide the two basement car parking levels and supermarket. This would keep the developmment within a two story height limit.

The site is adjacent to Myles Dunphy reserve. Significant excavation of soil and rock will have an impact on drainage into this sensitive mangrove area protected by the Foreshore Protection Act.

A significant landmark tree located near the Mulga Road frontage will also be lost due to this development.

* Access for supply trucks is through residential streets.

* Supply truck entry and exit to loading dock is only via Mulga Rd which will cause congestion on collector road for Oatley West.

* Safety issues for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

* Use of turntable in loading dock- turntables at other sites not used in practice, with trucks reverse into delivery bay.

* No designated truck waiting area for when loading dock occupied.

Neighbourhood Character

* Height and density of proposed development is out of character with small neighbourhood shopping village.

* Proposed development exploits typographical error on HCC LEP Amendment 38 to be rectified by amendment 60 currently in progress.

* Local business contribution to community/ part of community.

* Loss of income and closure of small neighbourhood shops:

– There are already 4 vacant shops in Oatley West.

– Experiences in Brighton-Le-Sands and Illawong when larger supermarkets move into the area have been detramental to the small business.

* Close proximity of the site to other Coles supermarkets – there are 3 others within a 10 minute drive. Hurstville Coles is 3,115sqm
Roselands Coles is 4,441sqm
Riverwood is Coles 2,271sqm

Oatley West Coles will be 2182sqm
Do we need this much retail space in such close proximity?

If I should use my local supermarket in Oatley West rather than coles will they be giving an undertaking to provide the same pricing structures as Coles?
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