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Alex Pinnok from

To Whom It May Concern:
As a former employee of Coles supermarkets as a Service Assistant I must say that I honestly fell for the “Coles Cares” marketing trap. During induction videos as well as messages from head office which came through to our store, I genuinely got the impression that Coles Supermarkets cared for not only it's employees but for it's customers. How wrong I was. It was only a couple of weeks ago that it was brought to my attention that Coles plans on building a supermarket in the quiet suburb of Oatley. As has been already brought to the attention of so many people, Oatley is in very close distance to both Hurstville, Roselands and Riverwood. On hearing the news of this proposal, a number of questions have come to mind including:

- Why would Coles build a supermarket in Oatley in the first place?
I genuinely cannot understand how Coles would consider building a supermarket as big as Coles in a Suburb the size of Oatley. As mentioned previously, Coles supermarkets are already readily available to Oatley residents through other nearby stores. If you add to this huge protest already put in by residents, and the potential for Oatley residents to boycott the new store, it would be surprising if this new Coles store could remain profitable after building costs. At the end of the day a major corporation like Coles Myers purpose is to generate cash. This is achieved by using strategical thinking and careful planning The proposal for a Coles store in Oatley cannot be considered at all strategic and one must question, “Why Oatley”?

- The Coles Cares Policy.
I question the Coles Cares policy. How can a company who states they value customers opinions, ignore community pleas? Understand that I am not being ignorant. I can accept that Coles Myer is a multi million dollar corporation whose objective is to become the clear market leader for retail services combining value for money products with exceptional customer service. But please, this is a small decision for Coles supermarkets to make, but a huge issue for the residents of Oatley.

In summing up, I'm not going to ramble on about how the residents of Oatley are going to boycott all of the Coles Myer stores, but I will ask that Coles please takes into consideration the values and beliefs of this community, and decides that it would be against the policies Coles Supermarkets have in place of caring for communities.

Reconsider your decision, from my experience Coles does care, it would be a great shame to see what I thought was a company supporting communities to turn it all in for one extra store.

Alexander Pinnock

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