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Letters to Coles

Supermarket in the wrong place

Macklan Gordon Gridley JP, Neutral Bay

John Davoren and Judith Malcolm

Letter from wife of former Federal Member

Oatley Residents Association letter to Counci

Alex Pinnok - Resident of Bonnet Bay and past employee of Coles

More Letters to Coles - letters for November/December

I still don't understand why a local supermarket in Oatley is a bad thing. I think it will be great to walk around the corner to a supermarket and be able to buy more than just milk and bread.

Those of you that are against the Coles need to remember that there are alot of people here in Oatley that want the Coles. You dont speak for a majority.
I dont even live in Oatley but I come there regularly to eat and shop. Why? Because of the atmosphere, the fact that I like to go to the deli, butcher, have a coffee, visit the pharmacy, buy my pies and drop into the bakery. Not go to my local Woolies were they govern what I can purchase. A large supermarket in Oatley would destroy what is Oatley, a lovely village feel with friendly people and service. hands off Coles!!!!!
how do you know that those against coles are not the majority? I think we are!!
surely there is more to a suburb than ease/speed of access to a large supermarket.
YOu can already buy more than milk and bread at our local OAtley West shops and you will also get a friendly smile and a chat from someone who knows you/ you know-rare commodities indeed.
IF Coles goes ahead and you or your family happen to want to walk to OAtley village or the school buses or station, you will need to walk along much busier local roads , a congested mulga road and across two driveways accessing coles- one for delivery trucks(60/day) and another for cars(150+/hour).
I think that IS a bad thing!
Dear pro-Coles anonymous,
I can already walk around the corner to buy milk and bread .I can also drive a short distance to any number of supermarkets of all brands.I came to Oatley to live not to shop.
I dont want to inflict my friends and neighbours to 20,000 extra trucks per year plus countless cars.Even if I wanted it my conscience would not allow me to do so.
It would be a sell out of those directly and massively affected.
Consider those folks.
Is that really worth being able to walk around the corner to another supermarket just so its convenient for you? Talk about a "stuff you jack" attitude if thats the case.
If a Coles in Oatley is a great idea, then I'm sure you'd be happy to have it (with it's delivery dock) next door to your house.

I don't live in Oatley, but blind Freddy just has to take one look at the proposed site, the surrounding streets, and the area as a whole and realise that it's simply not the place to put a supermarket.

It's not a matter of what you can and can't buy, it's the overall lack of appropriateness of the development for that particular site.

Oh, and don't forget that a year or two down the track Coles will be wanting extended (late night) shopping hours. Don't complain about noise, traffic, and wayward shopping trolleys then....
Now that you small mob of irrational progress-haters have wasted my rates money on an appeal and LOST, I hope you are going to shut up and get over it. Even the court judgement says this!
I think that the proposed Coles is a massive overdevelopment of the site. Where else is there such a large supermarket on the side of such a steep hill? Who will be responsible for all the out of control shopping trollies? We have 7 supermarkets within 10 minutes drive, why do we need another one?

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