Thursday, September 29, 2005  

Contact for Developer and Coles

Melissa O'Neill,
Corporate Affairs Manager, Coles Supermarkets
has left Coles Myer any further email correspondence should be directed to:

Coles Customer Relations toll free number 1800 061 562

Have you voiced your opinion suggestions to Mr. Renaldo Gaiety ?
P.O. Box 403
Brighton Le Sands
NSW 2216

Phone: 95292575

Why is Mr. Renaldo not listening to the residents who have to live with this development? Why is no consideration given to the residents saying no to a supermarket. The intial draft plans at the public consultation were 1000sq metres then 1500 sq at the DA submitted in July 2004. Now we hear it is over 2000sq metres! When will it stop growing? Is greed getting in the way?


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