Monday, September 12, 2005  

NoColes Picnic

"No Coles in Oatley" picnic in Oatley Memorial Gardens, organised by Oatley Residents Against Overdevelopment (ORAO) was a great community-together.

Up to 1,000 residents had a fun day, with activities to cater for the whole community:

* Colouring competition which is being sent to Coles for judging

* Face painting

* Giant pinata which the children enjoyed hitting Click Here to SEE MORE PHOTOS

* "The face of Coles" mask painting competition

* Ball in the hole (of Coles)

Those who attended were entertained by the fantastic music provided by the Georges River Band and members of the local community. Local businesses generously donated towards a monster raffle with over 50 prizes, enabling the group (ORAO) to have a fighting fund. The wonderful Oatley Lions Club generously manned BBQ.

The crowd was very enthusiastic. The atmosphere was very friendly.

Both Hurstville Mayor Joanne Morris and Kogarah Councillor Mark Coure spoke in support of the community’s actions. Both councils have provided assistance to this community effort.

The hugely successful day culminated in the formation of the words "No Coles" by locals attired in the distinctive and very popular "No coles in Oatley" T-shirts

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