Wednesday, November 16, 2005  

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Oatley David vs Coles Goliath by Evan Jones

Leader Articles
26 July "Residents, developer bicker" Jim Gainsford
4 August " Tall Order for Coles "

Letters to the Leader
23 August "Household a Coles free zone Nicole Harwick
" Small Shops Suffer" Nikki Finney
"Customer Shortage" Christine Magnusson
" Cherished Village" Thea Goulder
25 August "Building into a horror story by Ted Cooper
8 September"coles PR disaster" by David Koffel

6 October "Other suburbs at risk" by Ted Cooper
6 October" Oatley has the lot" by Betty & Doug Wickens
11 October " Loyal to business" by P. Andersen & S. Cullis
11 October " What fate awaits Oatley" by Kevin Orr
11 October" Worth fighting for" by Hannah Rose

8 November "Court short on Supermarket" by Margaret Davis

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