Friday, September 08, 2006  

Supreme Court Decision

Hurstville City Council appeal at the NSW Court of Appeal
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But the fight goes on
Boycott Coles and related business - Click here to see list

Monday, September 04, 2006  

Letters September 2006

Hurstville Council needs to enforce and get its priorities right
Sans Souci resident F. Jolly wonders "where are the officers charged with enforcing" a prohibited activity. (Your View, August 31)

Construction truck drivers continue to park illegally in the bus stop outside the Coles' site office, and in the no parking zone outside the dentist on Mulga Rd.

Oatley residents wonder who are the officers charged with enforcing these prohibited activities. Hurstville Council officers? Or police officers? And where are they? A robust presence of enforcers is needed to give confidence to our community that we will be protected.

Anna Bay resident Amanda Sutherland wrote, "Councils need to get their priorities right." (Your View, August 31)

Delivery trucks for Oatley West Liquor Shop are forced to double park on Mulga Rd or on the footpath because cars are currently utilising the parking spaces outside the shop all day.

Concerned about the danger to drivers and pedestrians, the Oatley West Liquor Shop's manager formally requested Hurstville Council to introduce time-restricted parking. However, following verbal responses from other nearby businesses that time-restricted parking "would adversely affect their businesses" (Minutes of council meeting, 23 August 2006 - MULGA ROAD, OATLEY - REQUEST FOR CHANGES TO PARKING RESTRICTIONS), Hurstville Council denied the Liquor Shop Manager's request.

Valid road traffic and pedestrian safety concerns ignored in favour of businesses' concerns about their bottom line?

Hurstville Council needs to gets its priorities right.


Anne Wagstaff
September 04, 2006

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