Tuesday, August 21, 2007  

Don't shop there if you care

We tried, we lost but we still care

The people of Oatley fought hard to protect our suburb from what we felt was a development that would have a detrimental impact on this special part of Sydney. Though we lost in the end, it wasn’t without a huge amount of dedication, time and effort put in by the community.

Has all that effort been for nothing? THAT'S UP TO YOU

Although we’re yet to feel the full impact of this development and there’s nothing we can do now about the ugly edifice in Mulga Road, it’s time to think about why we felt a Coles Supermarket was wrong for Oatley in the first place. Just because it’s there doesn’t make it right. There’ll be lots of communities into the future who will be forced to give up quiet, leafy parts of their suburbs to corporates like Coles if those corporates can prove that fighting communities results in a profitable supermarket.

If you felt that what Coles did was wrong, you don’t have to support them. Coles needs the spending of every household in Oatley. Don’t think your household spend is too little to make a difference. When people join together and not support what they believe is wrong the result can be substantial even if the Oatley battle, as such, is lost.

Organisations like Coles will not consider communities unless it is in their interests to do so. We can show Coles the importance of listening to communities and use our experience to help others.

You are still able to be a conscientious objector ….
If you didn’t want it, you have the right not to shop there.

Thanks for your long fight.
Oatley Residents Against Overdevelopment www.nocoles.oatleypark.com
Po Box 121, Oatley 2223

I live in Oatley West and I will not shop there. It is sad to see the small retailers further up the road closing down. I don't want to support this development which is changing the character of my suburb. I hope others do the same.
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