Tuesday, September 11, 2007  

Have Your Say on Traffic Problems at Coles Mulga Road

1) Have you seen trucks reversing out of loading bay?
This a breach of the court order. Take photo or details of numberplate, report immediatly to police and council this is a breach of the court order and report it to this blog with date and time.

2) Do you see trucks parked near Coles waiting to go into dock?
This is against the court order. According to the court order, trucks have to wait on Roberts Avenue. Report to Council and Police.

3) Have you experienced a dangerous situation as a pedestrian or driver due to traffic coming out of into the development?

Send us photos or your stories to ORAO@oatleypark.com

On Saturday 11 August 2007 I observed a big Linfox truck waiting for well over 1/2 hour in Woronora Street,
street above Coles before it went in. That's the second time I've seen a truck do this there.
Shoppers are constantly using the Bus Stop on the northern side of Mulga Rd to park their vehicles. As this is directly opposite the garden plot it further narrows the road to vehicular traffic and obstructs the view to oncoming traffic when reversing from one's driveway. This is made even worse when cars are parked in the evening and Sunday only parking area on the Northern side of Mulga Rd (btwn Waratah St & Woronora Pde). All oncoming traffic is completely obscured thus creating a potentially serious situation.
my wife walks to and from the station for work and has nearly been run over several times by shoppers exiting without due care as they cross the footpath.
Also there was a car accident just down Mulga road from coles a week or 2 ago.Not sure if it had anything to do with the extra traffic but its the first I've heard of since living here.
Police and ambo's were in attendance.
Coles books 36% fall in FY07 net profit to A$747.8 million.
Supermarkets doing poorly in comparison to their peers.

Proud to playing my part in their woes.
Linfox truck rego AI-11-HG observed parked in Woronora Pde near Mulga Rd awaiting entry to Coles dock at 10.23 am 21/9/07.
when exiting the coles carpark,
there is a stoopid, concrete bump
that forces drivers to see the
sky instead of pedestrians. this cannot be safe and it won't be long before a pedestrian is killed.

also, coles must have an extremely
guilty conscience because it has so many security guards
outside and even in the lower level carpark....they must be worried someone is gonna blow it up...

bruce j.
About 9.10am on 21 December 2007 a Linfox truck (registration AK 83 JI) was parked in Gungah Bay Rd, just south of its intersection with Roberts Ave, which is a breach of the Land and Environment Court (LEC) orders.

The truck was also parked on the wrong side of the road, which we understand is a breach of basic road rules.

After politely explaining the LEC orders, the driver drove off.

This breach was reported by email to Council and Linfox, and online to Hurstville Police.

The breach was also reported by phone to the Manager of Coles Oatley Jason, who refused to give his surname to us.
I was driving to work on May 3rd this year when a Steggles delivery truck reversed into my 2008 model Mercedes E Class, which I had purchased only a week earlier! The repairs cost $7,560 but the driver of the truck denied any responsibility. There were no witnesses, so it came off my insurance. Luckily, there were no cars coming in the opposite direction, as I had swerved on to the wrong side of the road. As long as Coles is here, there are going to be more accidents, and possibly deaths.
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