Friday, October 26, 2007  

Breach of court orders at Coles Oatley - again

Letter sent to Hurstville City Council ,

I would like to report and have recorded the fact (ie in the form of a work order) that just before 8am this morning I observed a Tip Top truck (see attached photo) parked in Mulga Rd on the western side of the Mulga Rd/Woronora Pde intersection, apparently waiting to enter the loading dock. The door of the loading dock was closed. I told the driver that parking in any of Oatley West's residential streets is a breach of Land and Environment Court orders and asked him to wait in Roberts' Ave, Mortdale. The driver drove off. I watched the driver proceed north along Woronora Pde, go around the roundabout at the Woronora Pde/Wonoona West intersection and head back towards Coles Oatley - to then park in Woronora Pde (see attached photo). I stopped and repeated my claim that parking in our residential streets is a breach of court orders and that he should wait in Roberts Ave, Mortdale. The driver then asked where Roberts Ave was, which I naturally told him.

Thank you in anticipation of Council's consideration of this request. I would appreciate an early reply to my correspondence.

Anne Wagstaff

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