Friday, July 29, 2005  

Cold shoulder on special in Oatley

Can anyone give us advice on how we can get rid of unwanted, uninvited guests? The suburb of Oatley has, for some reason, been targeted by Coles for one of its supermarkets. As we are a reasonable, decent group of residents, we politely told Coles we didn't want or need it here.

Unfortunately, Coles doesn't seem to care about what our little community wants or needs. Or thinks it knows better.

Any ideas how we can deal with a greedy, insensitive multinational company which is determined to trample over the little people in order to continue its quest to destroy all local small businesses?

M. Sheehan and C. Swift Oatley
Letter to Editor, SMH.

Avoid everyday

M. Sheehan and C. Swift in Oatley (SMH Letters, July 29), my suggestion would be, once Coles moves in, never shop there. There is a superette in the area, as well as grocery stores near Oatley station and at Mortdale. Hit Coles in a way it will understand - its profits. If no one shops at Coles, it cannot remain open for long.

Kym Coleman, Randwick

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