Friday, July 29, 2005  

Welcome to Oatley Residents Against Overdevelopment !

What can you do to help ?
  • watch out for any movement on the site & report immediately to one of the group listed below
  • be ready to attend the site at Mulga Rd when a committee member rings to inform that work has commenced
  • if you are a train commuter please park your car near the site, on either side of Mulga Rd
  • ring talk-back radio stations, television or any other media about your concerns
  • help to man desk outside IGA Oatley ( contact Carolyn Northcott - 9585 8593)
  • write letters to Coles as per attached letter box leaflet
  • sign petition & encourage neighbours & each family member (remember to sign only once per person)
  • if you hear lots of continuous hooting of car horns - this is a signal to get to the site (preferably with your car)
  • send this email to family, neighbours & friends - remind them to take all of the above actions as well!
If you wish to offer even more help don't hestitate to contact a committe member. Any offers of practical or financial help would be appreciated.

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