Tuesday, August 09, 2005  

Hurstville Council fights on to stop Mulga Road supermarket

Hurstville City Council today lodged an appeal, under Section 56A of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979, in response to the Court's June ruling that allows the construction of a supermarket in Mulga Road, Oatley.

"Legal advice received by Council indicates that there are sound grounds to base an appeal on," said Hurstville Mayor, Clr Joanne Morris. "It is imperative that Council explores all reasonable avenues to stop this inappropriate development in Mulga Road."

Council, through its legal representatives, will be basing its appeal on points of law and the belief that the Commissioner erred in his Judgment.

For more information, contact:
Paul Spyve, Manager, Customer Relations: 9330 6008, 0411 748 953
Jo Reid, Communications Officer, 9330 6067, 0413 738 606

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