Saturday, August 20, 2005  


Become a walking protest buy a T Shirt
Baby T Shirts
Pink & blue 00 and
Boys and girls white size 0
Cost $12
ContactHannahRose by email:

Adult T Shirts now in stock
Please contact Brooke Wallace 9570 7467 after 3.30 pm weekdays to order adult T Shirts.
One for $15
2 for $25
3 for $35
4 for $45

You people are really serious! I'll be at the Picnic. We have to stop these terrorists upsetting our local culture. Who do they think they are??
Couldn't agree more, these terrorist DO need to be stopped!
who do they think they are, driving their 4WD monsters into my area, taking up parking spaces in my shopping centre and then carting all that stuff through my suburban streets into their little conclave....Stop em NOW!
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