Thursday, September 22, 2005  

Is Coles Push Polling?

Coles is undertaking market research amongst Oatley residents to gauge the ‘Coles in Oatley' issue. A few people who have had calls and one suggested that the line of questioning was more like ‘push polling’.

This is a technique most commonly used by the political parties around election time. Under the guise of ‘market research’, the function of the polling is actually to persuade voters/residents to change their mind about an issue. In this case, the ‘leading’ questions ask about jobs created in the Oatley area by Coles – it’s hard to deny that the supermarket will create jobs, although very likely at the expense of a great deal more.

One of the concluding questions is whether the resident has changed their mind during the course of the survey, further indications that this is push polling rather than a true desire to read residents' support or opposition for the development.

If you are as incensed that Coles has now resorted to such an underhanded tactic to raise support for this unwanted development, then let both Gerry Masters or Melissa O’Neill know via email:

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