Sunday, September 04, 2005  

No Coles in Oatley Picnic 11 September

Memorial Gardens from 11am till 2pm

* Activities from 11am till 2pm

* "the face of Coles" mask painting,
face painting and monster piñata!

* Sausage sizzle * Great music * Raffle

* “No Coles in Oatley” T-shirts for sale: $15 each or 2 for $25

B.Y.O rug or chair. An aerial photo will be taken at approximately 12.30pm

To "No Coles" supporters,

I wish to express my absolute disgust in your campaign to stop a development which has complied in every way according to the law. The Hurstville council especially Mayor Joanne Morris are wasting time and money due to the fact that they can't physically stop the development but are only appealing in the management plan. My family and I who live in Oatley for many years think that this will be a great benefit for Oatley and MANY people I know say the same thing, however, they are to threatened to say anything because of your minority group.


An Oatley resident

P.S I don’t know anybody involved in this development, just the FACTS at hand.
To an Oatley resident,
I would hardly call a few thousand a minority group.You obviously wont have 21000 trucks a year going past your place or have a massive construction site with a huge hole being dug out of solid rock for months on end.I suppose we should just cop it sweet so you can shop in convenience?
Oatley is not some backwater devoid of shopping opportunities.Frankly I believe your attitude is selfish, placing your own convenience over the amenity of hundreds of families.
Disgust? Get a grip. It may comply with the law, but a large number of the local community as well as Hurstville Council don't want it.


A Mortdale resident.

P.S who is being "threatened, and by whom???
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