Tuesday, November 29, 2005  

Councillor Mark Coure Speech at Public Meeting

Thank you so much for attending again today at Oatley West.
Thank you to all the organisers for today, and let’s keep up the fight
Over the years we have fought and won a large supermarket from being set up
in Oatley once, twice and three times and we will do it a again.
It is clear that this development is neither needed nor wanted.
If successful it would destroy two communities of Oatley and Oatley West and
many of the small businesses would be forced to go elsewhere or go broke.
Oatley is a village and we want to keep it that way.
Not one resident living in Oatley wishes to have the nature of their
peaceful suburb dramatically altered with an explosion of traffic, trucks and trolleys.
There is no doubt that our local roads won’t cope with the expected traffic demand by a supermarket.

This proposal has no interest in the feelings of many local residents and is only after profit.
Can anyone tell me how the Land and Environment Court (LEC) arrives at its decisions?
We urgently need reform of the Land And Environment Court. Write to all major political parties and call on them to draw up policies before the State Election on how they are going to reform the Land and Environment.

There are many Traffic problems which we don't need to be reminded off...
* Access for supply trucks is through residential streets.
* Supply truck entry and exit to loading dock is only via Mulga Rd which will cause congestion on collector road for Oatley West.
* Safety issues for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
* Use of turntable in loading dock- turntables at other sites not used in practice, with trucks reverse into delivery bay.
* No designated truck waiting area for when loading dock occupied.

This proposal has many wholes...
I ask you all to maintain the rage and continue your opposition to a large supermarket being set up in Oatley.

Councillor Mark Coure"
PO Box 460
Hurstville NSW 2220
Mobile: 0417 255 999
Fax: 9580 5092
Email: markcoure@hotmail.com

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