Wednesday, November 02, 2005  

Maintain The Rage

Oatley Residents are angry that they have no say in developments in their suburb. The Land and Environment Court handed down its decision on 1 November 2005, ruling that the Coles supermaket development be allowed on Mulga Road Oatley. Please urge Councillors of Hurstville City Council to appeal this decision. To see Judgment click here

Contact Coles Tell them them what you think
Melissa O'Neill, Corporate Affairs Manager, Coles Supermarkets
Phone: 0400 587 232
Email: Melissa.O'

Have you voiced your opinion suggestions to Mr. Renaldo Gaiety ?
P.O. Box 403
Brighton Le Sands
NSW 2216
Phone: 95292575

I think that after two goes you lot of dull-minded bored Oatley residents ( and you ARE a minority) should give it away. What a waste in tax payers money.This money could have been donated to the poor in Africa, which is a worthwhile cause.
You need something else to do in your lives.
You just have to accept that this high quality development has won hands down and you are the losers.
I am SICK TO DEATH of your little stupid campaign to stop a development which the owner has every right to do with what they will. Get a life and get a job you bunch of ugly looking protesters. You are objecting to appeal...ummm HELLO you have LOST the last two appeals from two different Judges.
"....dull-minded... bored... stupid... get a life... get a job... ugly looking..."

Wow, you pro-development lot know how to dish it out like heroes behind your keyboards.

Pity none of this was siad by you at any of the public meetings, when you all had the chance to voice your opinions. Too scared no doubt.
At a meeting organised by developer all those who attended (aprox 40) said NO SUPERMARKET

There were over 500 people at the meeting at the school hall who said NO SUPERMARKET.

There have been over 400 letters to council against the proposal.

THIS IS NOT A MINORITY GROUP, although it seems like a few are working hard to stop this development.
To "community against overdevelopment"

YOU are a minority due to the 6 or so ringleaders brainwashing all you people. You listen to them only, there are ALWAYS two sides to a story and one side for facts.

Go and ask Mayor Vince and ask him how much this is costing? I'll tell you it's costing $132,000 would you like to pay that, I bet you wouldn't! Oatley aren't the only suburb in Hurstville City Council.

You hear the council saying that the Land and Environment court aren't listening... WAKE up you dickheads this development complies with EVERY section of code within the building law that's why they keep giving the developer approval.

------------To 3rd anonymous-------

Bring it on moron and you can bring out the poofy "Oatley boys" with you.

"Pity none of this was siad by you at any of the public meetings, when you all had the chance to voice your opinions..."

Yeah it was a bit hard to stand up when all of you dull whitted morons kept on shooting down people who liked the develoment!!!
What a glorified no for good first-class fanatical piece of trailer park trash website. I thought the internet was supposed to be for realistic information, but I presume there’s an exclusion to the rule.

Boycott Coles, who cares like there going to go bankrupt because a gang of fruit loops don’t get their way a second occasion, sorry this is not a cell phone tower and the rest of Sydney do happen to live in the 21st century.

In the leader last week (1st week of November) “we expect the council to appeal this decision” who in the hell do you think you are Anne Wagstaff seriously get a life!

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