Friday, November 11, 2005  

No Coles Update

Hurstville City Council’s appeal to the Land and Environment Court is unsuccessful
On 1st November, Justice Pain, of the Land and Environment Court, dismissed HCC’s appeal and handed down a decision in favour of supermarket developer Renaldo Plus 3 Pty Ltd. This decision is a further step towards the development of a large mixed commercial and residential development at 45-67 Mulga Road, Oatley West.

Since the LEC decision, a delegation of four ORAO representatives has met with senior Coles executives, Mr Roy Bridges and Ms Melissa O’Neill. The ORAO team was invited to table the concerns of Oatley residents and presented a powerful and broad-ranging argument, covering traffic movement, loss of amenity, zoning inconsistencies, safety and our loss of democratic voice in the legal process. Click here to see a summary

To their credit, the Coles representatives seemed to be genuinely listening and revealed during discussion the results of a recent telephone survey conducted for the company. Surprise, surprise! The majority of residents of Oatley and surrounding suburbs are opposed to the development.
Oatley residents have a real chance of convincing Coles now to withdraw from this unwanted and inappropriate development. The outcome, however, depends on the actions of us all!
Please write, email, phone or fax both Roy Bridges and Melissa O’Neill as soon as possible. ORAO’s document outlining residents’ concerns, as presented at the meeting(click here) with Coles, can be found at the website and can be used for guidance, if needed.
Email us a copy if you want it published on the web:

Mr Roy Bridges

NSW State Manager,
Coles Supermarkets
62 Hume Hwy
Chullora NSW 2190
(02) 9795 7113

Melissa O'Neill

Corporate Affaires Manager
CML Supermarkets
800 Toorak Road
Tooranga VIC 3146
(03) 98293486
400 587 232
ORAO is commissioning an internationally renowned pedestrian safety expert to prepare a report to present to Coles. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.


* On more than 5 occasions in 2004, Ted Cooper, Secretary of Oatley Residents Association, wrote to and met with HCC staff and elected representatives to urge Council to amend the 3(a) General Business Zone to ‘small neighbourhood shopping centres’. NO ACTION TAKEN

* Council staff failed to refer the DA to the RTA as required by state legislation.

* Council staff failed to refer the DA to Council’s Local Traffic Committee, as recommended by guidelines, until after court proceeding had commenced.

* Council’s Traffic Engineer determined the development would produce ‘significant traffic impact’. This finding was later hosed down to ‘low impact’ in the Development Assessment Officer’s report to Council recommending approval of the DA.

* Council’s Traffic Engineer supports the idea of narrowing Mulga Rd by 2m at the site.

* Justice Pain’s judgment on HCC’s Land and Environment Appeal, when denying any grounds for impact of neighbourhood character, refers to the site as currently being “small shops”.


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