Saturday, November 26, 2005  

Shopping at Coles

A small group of very well-behaved (naturally) and well-dressed (of course) residents (10 adults and 2 children) gathered outside Coles Hurstville soon after 10am today.

We quietly entered the store, slowly moving up and down the aisles taking our time deciding what to buy.

By the time a member of the Coles staff asked us to leave, only some of us had made our choice. When we politely challenged why we should have to leave (some of us still had purchases to make), we were asked to remove the propoganda. As T-shirts and badges were the only "propoganda" we had, one member took his shirt off. (And he looked all right too!)

We all lined up at the same register to make our purchases. Coles checkout chick Angela was a great sport, smiling the whole way through and even wished us luck. (Coles doesn't deserve her)

Members of the public approached us inside and outside the store, expressing interest and sympathy. In fact one lady said that she is no longer going to shop in a Coles supermarket.

All in all a very successful mission.

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