Monday, June 26, 2006  

Hurstville Council’s Ploy to Divide and Conquer?

It appears that our Council is trying to divide our community, which to date, has been strong in fighting developments that are inappropriate. Council’s current proposal to shift the Peakhurst Ward boundary will directly affect Oatley West residents.

At present, all Oatley West residents are in the Peakhurst Ward. With the changes however, those residents in the area bounded by Mulga Rd, Gungah Bay Rd, Boundary Rd and River Rd will be moved to the Penshurst Ward.

Regardless of which side of Mulga Rd you live, this change will weaken Oatley West residents’ ability to effectively lobby council on development issues, thereby fragmenting our community’s people power (with future plans in Mulga Rd believed to be 3-storey developments) .
Will Peakhurst Ward Councillors speak up for Penshurst Ward? And vice versa?

Object to the proposal by writing to: The General Manager,
Hurstville City Council,
PO Box 205, Hurstville BC 1481.

Submissions need to be received by Friday, 30 June.

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