Monday, November 28, 2005  

Over 500 attend "No Coles in Oatley" Public Meeting

Thursday 24th November, 2005
1. Welcome and introduction – Geoff Shearsby
2. Campaign overview – Ted Cooper,
Secretary of Oatley Residents Association
3. Kevin Greene, Member for Georges River
4. Hurstville City Council’s Position
Councillor Philip Sansom, Deputy Mayor of HCC
5. Coles’ response to meeting with ORAO representatives
– Carolyn Northcott, ORAO
6. Implications for Oatley Village
Councillor Mark Coure, Kogarah Council
7. Coles AGM – Louise Radcliffe, ORAO
8. Construction work – Louise Radcliffe, ORAO
9. Resolutions
10. Questions

Resolution 1
In response to Coles’ proposed Supermarket Development (D.A. No. 204 0454) in Mulga Road, this meeting calls on Hurstville Council to continue to pursue all avenues – legal, political and otherwise -- to halt the supermarket development, including an appeal to the NSW Supreme Court, AND take out an injunction against Renaldo Plus 3 Pty Ltd to prevent further demolition or construction work being carried out until the Supreme Court appeal is heard.

Resolution 2
In the event that Coles proceeds with its lease in this ill-advised and inappropriate supermarket development, we resolve to boycott the store.

Resolution 3
This meeting calls on the Premier of NSW and the Government of NSW to amend The Land and Environment Court Act to give community interests a heavier weighting in judgments.

It has been stated that Coles will be like a boutique David Jones Food Hall.

Which one: David Jones Food Hall Bourke St, Melbourne is 1,600 square metres and David Jones Food Hall Market St, Sydney is 2,100 square metres.

I thought a boutique size was up to 400 square metres,

I have never heard of David Jones's Food Halls being called boutique.

Elizabeth Williams
Oatley West Resident

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