Thursday, September 29, 2005  

Contact for Developer and Coles

Melissa O'Neill,
Corporate Affairs Manager, Coles Supermarkets
has left Coles Myer any further email correspondence should be directed to:

Coles Customer Relations toll free number 1800 061 562

Have you voiced your opinion suggestions to Mr. Renaldo Gaiety ?
P.O. Box 403
Brighton Le Sands
NSW 2216

Phone: 95292575

Why is Mr. Renaldo not listening to the residents who have to live with this development? Why is no consideration given to the residents saying no to a supermarket. The intial draft plans at the public consultation were 1000sq metres then 1500 sq at the DA submitted in July 2004. Now we hear it is over 2000sq metres! When will it stop growing? Is greed getting in the way?


Thursday, September 22, 2005  

Is Coles Push Polling?

Coles is undertaking market research amongst Oatley residents to gauge the ‘Coles in Oatley' issue. A few people who have had calls and one suggested that the line of questioning was more like ‘push polling’.

This is a technique most commonly used by the political parties around election time. Under the guise of ‘market research’, the function of the polling is actually to persuade voters/residents to change their mind about an issue. In this case, the ‘leading’ questions ask about jobs created in the Oatley area by Coles – it’s hard to deny that the supermarket will create jobs, although very likely at the expense of a great deal more.

One of the concluding questions is whether the resident has changed their mind during the course of the survey, further indications that this is push polling rather than a true desire to read residents' support or opposition for the development.

If you are as incensed that Coles has now resorted to such an underhanded tactic to raise support for this unwanted development, then let both Gerry Masters or Melissa O’Neill know via email:

Wednesday, September 21, 2005  

Support Local Business - Thanks to our sponsors

Many local business generously donated to our cause. Please support the following businesses:
Oatley IGA,
Oatley Pde
Clock Butcher, Oatley Pde
Pilates Naturally, Oatley Plaza

CFS Dental, Andrew Ng & Clarissa Szeman, Mulga Rd
Budget Petrol, Oatley Pde
Quality Auto Search, Frederick St
Riley’s Garage, Mulga Rd
Scrummies Deli, Letitia St
Lynne’s Homemade Gourmet Mulga Rd
In Bud Florists, Mulga Rd
Barolo’s Restaurant, Oatley Plaza
Cristina’s Nails, Oatley Pde
Cynthia’s Electrolysis & Skin Care, Oatley Pde
Trebob Seafood Restaurant, Mulga Rd
Franklin’s, Morts Rd Mortdale
Bresnahan’s Fine Foods, Morts Rd Mortdale
Oatley Optical, Frederick St
Oatley Fruit Market, Frederick St
Health Herbs & Healing, Frederick St
Scents of Life Aromatherapy, Frederick St
Chilli Man Thai Restaurant, Letitia St
Oatley Cellars, Letitia St
Ambrosia Delicatessen, Mulga Road
SG Hair, The Strand Penshurst
Coconut Ice, Mulga Rd
Oatley Chinese and Malaysian Restaurant, Mulga Road
Mortdale Tropics, Morts Road Mortdale
Tuffy’s Tender Meats, Morts Road Mortdale
Oatley Photos, La Delle Arte, Oatley Plaza
Oatley Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, Frederick St
La Spezia Restaurant, Oatley Pde
Emma James Boutique, Frederick St
Extra Ugly Olive Oil, Oatley Plaza
Oatley Village Seafood, Frederick St
Oatley Café, Oatley Plaza
O’Connors Pharmacy, Frederick St
Evolution Hairdressing, Mulga Road
Mullane’s Pharmacy, Mulga Road
Oatley West Newsagency, Mulga Rd
Oatley Village Newsagency, Frederick St
Oatley West Medical Centre, Dr Jangda, Mulga Rd
Oatley Pies, Oatley Pde
Dolce Espresso, Letitia St
Letitia Medical Centre, Letitia St

Monday, September 12, 2005  

NoColes Picnic

"No Coles in Oatley" picnic in Oatley Memorial Gardens, organised by Oatley Residents Against Overdevelopment (ORAO) was a great community-together.

Up to 1,000 residents had a fun day, with activities to cater for the whole community:

* Colouring competition which is being sent to Coles for judging

* Face painting

* Giant pinata which the children enjoyed hitting Click Here to SEE MORE PHOTOS

* "The face of Coles" mask painting competition

* Ball in the hole (of Coles)

Those who attended were entertained by the fantastic music provided by the Georges River Band and members of the local community. Local businesses generously donated towards a monster raffle with over 50 prizes, enabling the group (ORAO) to have a fighting fund. The wonderful Oatley Lions Club generously manned BBQ.

The crowd was very enthusiastic. The atmosphere was very friendly.

Both Hurstville Mayor Joanne Morris and Kogarah Councillor Mark Coure spoke in support of the community’s actions. Both councils have provided assistance to this community effort.

The hugely successful day culminated in the formation of the words "No Coles" by locals attired in the distinctive and very popular "No coles in Oatley" T-shirts

Sunday, September 11, 2005  

"No coles in Oatley " Picnic

A great time was had by all. Thanks to all who attended.Thank you to all the local business who geneoursly donated prizes.


Fun at "No Coles Picnic Day"

"Yum"Thanks Lions

Monster Pinata Was a hit!
Georges River Band
Face Painting

Ball in the Hole of Coles

Colouring in comptetion
The "Face of Coles" Mask Painting

Young Talent

The Young Once

Tuesday, September 06, 2005  

Legal Documets

Land & Environment Court Judgement
Renaldo Plus 3 Ltd v Hurstville City Council [22/12/2006]

Land & Environment Court Judgement on Mulga Road Development

Renaldo Plus 3 Ltd v Hurstville City Council [12/07/2005] NSW LEC 315

Appeal to LEC
Land & Environment Court Judgement on Mulga Road Development

Renaldo Plus 3 Pty Limited v Hurstville City Council [No 2] [2005] NSWLEC 590

Other Cases cited in judgement
Terrace Tower Holdings Pty Ltd v Sutherland Shire Council (2003)NSWCA 289

Architects Haywood and Bakker Pty Ltd v North Sydney Council (2003) NSWLEC 138

Stockland Developments Pty Ltd v Manley Council [2004] NSWLEC 472

Legislation Relevant to case

Amendment 60 to LEP - gazetted 14 October 2005
This intended to limit height restriction of the area to two storey height limit to include Peakhurst ward which had been inadverdently removed when amendment 38 was made.

15A Height restrictions for land within Zones Nos 3 (a) and 3 (c)
(1) Despite any other provision of this plan, buildings exceeding 2 storeys in height must not be erected on so much of the land within Zone No 3 (a) or 3 (c) as is shown edged heavy black on the height map for Zones Nos 3 (a) and 3 (c).

(2) In this clause:

height map for Zones Nos 3 (a) and 3 (c) means Sheets 1–20 of the map marked “Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 1994—Height Map for Zones Nos 3 (a) and 3 (c)”, as amended by the maps (or specified sheets of maps) marked as follows:

Amendment 66 to LEP - gazetted 9 September 2005
Changed the name of zone 3(a) from General Business to Neighbourhood Business and generally make it clearer that zone 3(a) was always intended for small neighbourhood shops.

Zone No 3 (a) (Neighbourhood Business Zone)

Zone objectives

The objectives of this zone are:

(a) to provide for small scale retail and business activities to serve the needs of the surrounding local community, and

(b) to provide for development of a scale and type compatible with the amenity of the surrounding residential area, and

(c) to facilitate retail and business activities at ground floor level to provide active street frontage.

13A Size of display or sales area in shops on land within Zone No 3 (a)

(1) The maximum area that may be used as a display or sales area in a shop that is on land within Zone No 3 (a) is 400 square metres.

(2) In calculating the area used as a display or sales area, any part of the shop that is ancillary to the display or sales area or that is used for storage, office or staff convenience purposes is to be excluded.


Developer declines to meet reidents

Renaldo Gaiety has declined to meet reidents opposed to a supermarket at Mulga RoadLeader: 6 September 05

Sunday, September 04, 2005  

No Coles in Oatley Picnic 11 September

Memorial Gardens from 11am till 2pm

* Activities from 11am till 2pm

* "the face of Coles" mask painting,
face painting and monster piñata!

* Sausage sizzle * Great music * Raffle

* “No Coles in Oatley” T-shirts for sale: $15 each or 2 for $25

B.Y.O rug or chair. An aerial photo will be taken at approximately 12.30pm

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